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    Our dedicated team of skilled medical negligence solicitors is here to help you if you or your family has been harmed by the late diagnosis or misdiagnosis of ovarian cancer.

    Approximately three-quarters of cases of ovarian cancer are classified as non-specific abdominal symptoms, such as stomach discomfort. Urinary frequency and post-menopausal bleeding may occur. Advanced illness could appear with either weight loss or a lack of appetite. The devastating effects of medical neglect in the detection of ovarian cancer are widespread. In some circumstances, hysterectomies can occur and in others, it can result in death.

    A full blood count, chest x-ray, pelvic ultrasound, and an abdominal/pelvic CT scan are all recommended in addition to a CA-125 level test to arrive at a proper diagnosis.

    Early detection of ovarian cancer allows the likelihood of a cure to be high. The stage of the disease is taken into consideration when treatment is prescribed. If the tumour is contained to only one ovary, a complete hysterectomy might be enough. In addition to chemotherapy, if the tumour is more advanced, chemotherapy may be necessary as well.

    Misdiagnosis  of ovarian cancer

    Proving that a delay altered the outcome is a necessary prerequisite for succeeding in a medical negligence claim. Sometimes this means you must show that while the cancer was held back, it developed to a more advanced stage. Thus, it is unlikely that a delay of a few months would be enough. On the other hand, if cancer is allowed to develop, it is likely to spread and increase in severity. Mistakes in the process of identifying ovarian cancer could have catastrophic consequences. Ovarian cancer claims may be made for:

    • Inadequate examination or failing to collect an accurate history
    • Patient not referred to gynaecological oncologist
    • Failure to correctly interpret investigations (complete blood count, chest x-ray, pelvic ultrasound and abdominal/pelvic CT scan)
    • Patients with ovarian cancer can be misdiagnosed and undergo unneeded surgery

    Ovarian cancer awareness and treatment are improving all the time, yet some instances are still misdiagnosed or mistreated. Ovarian cancer symptoms don’t typically appear until a late stage, therefore it’s crucial that physicians look for symptoms and immediately refer patients for treatment. If you’ve experienced negligent care, our medical negligence solicitors can here to help you make a claim for compensation.

    Why should you work with Tiernan Medical Negligence Solicitors?

    • As a result of cancer medical malpractice, Tiernan Solicitors has successfully managed a large number of injury and disease claims.  After speaking with a solicitor, we will listen to your case attentively, empathically, and only propose moving forward if we believe there is merit to your claim.
    • In addition, our medical negligence solicitors will compile all of the required facts for your case including medical records and oversee the submission of the claim on your behalf.
    • Your recuperation and care, or the care of a family member or loved one, can be focused on when you entrust us to manage your claim on your behalf.

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