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    While undergoing cosmetic breast surgery it’s possible for something to go wrong, resulting in not only medical problems but also emotional distress. You may experience injuries and disfigurements such as scarring or lack of symmetry due to these enhancements.

    Our solicitors is experienced in addressing a range of cosmetic breast surgery cases, so you can count on us for advice. We’ve consistently found success in these types of cases and we can help you win compensation if you were a victim of medical malpractice. Types of breast surgery include:

    • Breast augmentation
    • Breast uplifts
    • Breast implants
    • Breast reconstructions
    • Breast reductions

    Our law firm has helped many women who were experiencing breast reduction, uplift, and implant issues receive compensation to cover the costs of corrective surgery and rehabilitation. In addition, we can also handle claims on behalf of clients who have undergone negligent breast surgery outside of Ireland. Our solicitors are ready to help if you sought low cost surgery overseas but received negligent care.

    When does breast implant surgery lead to a medical claim?

    Breast surgery tends to go smoothly for the majority of patients. However, sometimes mistakes happen and there are cases where people suffer with life changing results. To be able to claim compensation for medical negligence, you must have received a sub-standard level of care that resulted in injury.

    Mistakes in breast surgery that lead to medical negligence

    In all types of breast surgery, medical experts might make mistakes. Our experienced solicitors can help you bring a claim if you have suffered medical negligence, including:

    • An error during surgery
    • Incorrect anaesthetic dosage
    • Employing defective equipment, such as damaged implants
    • Not doing a complete medical history check

    Why should you work with Tiernan Medical Negligence Solicitors?

    • As a result of cancer medical malpractice, Tiernan Solicitors has successfully managed a large number of injury and disease claims.  After speaking with a solicitor, we will listen to your case attentively, empathically, and only propose moving forward if we believe there is merit to your claim.
    • In addition, our medical negligence solicitors will compile all of the required facts for your case including medical records and oversee the submission of the claim on your behalf.
    • Your recuperation and care, or the care of a family member or loved one, can be focused on when you entrust us to manage your claim on your behalf.

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