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    Cauda equina syndrome occurs when a collection of nerves at the base of the spine become compressed. This acutely compresses the cauda equina, the nerve which controls the bladder, bowel, sexual functions and leg functions. It is a serious condition with long term effects such as paralysis and incontinence and should always be considered a medical emergency.

    There are a number of ‘red flag’ symptoms which ought to raise suspicion from medical professionals in examining patients, such as:

    • Low back pain
    • Numbness or altered sensation in the groin area or if sitting
    • Altered reflexes
    • Bilateral leg pain
    • Incontinence
    • Sexual disfunction

    If a doctor misses the symptoms of cauda equina syndrome, the consequences can be devastating for the patient. The medical consensus is that surgical treatment is urgent in most cases and that decompression by way of surgery will maximise a patient’s recovery.

    Medical negligence can be the cause of cauda equina syndrome. The most common forms are:

    • Misdiagnosis of the condition
    • Delay in the provision of appropriate treatment
    • Continuous spinal anesthesia
    • Poorly positioned screws placed in the spine can compress and injure nerves causing cauda equina syndrome
    • Lumbar puncture which causes a spinal epidural hematoma whereby the collection of blood can compress the spine and cause cauda equina syndrome

    To avoid any further emotional distress and to alleviate any financial worries, we will immediately take the following steps at the beginning of negligence cases to see if we can establish whether or not there is a valid case.

    1. Firstly, we will take up your medical notes and records.
    2. We will then obtain the appropriate Medical Expert.
    3. Upon review of your medical notes and records by our Medical Expert we will be in a position to advise if the standard of care you received fell below that of a competent medical professional and whether this negligence caused you a quantifiable injury.

    From there we can move forward with your case while you focus on your physical and mental recovery.

    High value settlements are attainable in cauda equina claims and will cover the cost of the loss sustained due to the injury as well as costs of future care, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, aids and equipment. Further, loss of earnings by virtue of loss of employment may follow from a failure to diagnose and/ or treat cauda equina.

    Tiernan & Co. Solicitors are medical negligence specialists who will guide your legal process and act in a proficient manner to ensure our clients are adequately compensated.

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