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    GP’s are generally the first point of contact that patients have with the health system. When a patient presents themselves to their GP they rely upon the GP to decide whether it is necessary to refer them for specialist treatment. It is their role to spot symptoms of disease and then make the correct decisions as to whether and how a patient should be further assessed and treated. As with all clinical negligence a delay or indeed a failure to diagnose and/or refer a patient can have catastrophic consequences for the patient.

    What constitutes GP medical negligence?

    • Failure to diagnose possible strokes
    • Failure to refer a patient to the relevant specialist when appropriate
    • Failure to examine the results of investigations correctly
    • Prescribing the incorrect medication or the incorrect dosage
    • Failure to inform patients of the relevant issues following a test

    To bring a claim for GP medical negligence you must show that the standard of care received fell below that of a competent GP and that the negligence complained of caused the injury.

    Tiernan & Company Solicitors have successfully pursued a wide variety of cases involving trauma and injuries following medical negligence by a General Practitioner.   Our medical negligence team is headed by Mark Tiernan solicitor, who has over 20 years’ experience in these matters.

    If you require further information on making a claim caused due to GP medical negligence please contact Mark Tiernan on 01 6622 822 or email in confidence.

    If you wish to bring a claim for GP negligence then it will be necessary to collate all relevant medical records and send them to an independent expert who will provide an opinion where appropriate that the medical care received was below a reasonable standard resulting in injury or loss. In the event that there is a case then we would pursue a case for medical negligence and seek compensation for:

    • General Damages for Pain and Suffering
    • Special Damages

    Special damages comprise of expenses including but not limited to all costs of care and future treatment and any loss of earnings that you may or will suffer as a result of the cancer.  The cost of any care needs into the future will also be ascertained and these will also be claimed in addition.

    The Statute of Limitations for bringing a case for medical negligence is 2 years from the date of the alleged negligence. However under the legislation this Statute may be extended to two years from when you knew or ought to have known that there was negligence.  “Knew or ought to have known there was negligence” is an interesting concept when it comes to medical negligence as often we would argue that it is really not until we get an expert report that we definitively know that there is negligence. However it could also be argued that the time begins to run from when the client has a suspicion that there is negligence and contacts a solicitor.

    Why instruct Tiernan & Company Solicitors in bringing a GP negligence claim?

    • We have successfully pursued many claims for GP negligence. Many of these cases have settled through mediation and some we have brought successfully to Court.
    • We have over 30 years’ experience in medical negligence claims and over the years have formed relationships with the best legal experts throughout Northern Ireland and the UK. This is important as they are always on hand to advise in relation to the issues of negligence allowing the cases to proceed smoothly and in an expedient fashion.
    • Your case will always be dealt with by Mark Tiernan Solicitor who is a solicitor specialising in medical negligence for over 20 years.

    Recent cases of note:

    • Successful settlement of case involving a delay in cervical cancer diagnosis
    • Substantial damages in failure to diagnose cauda equine syndrome
    • Substantial damages for Plaintiff who suffered delayed diagnosis of cancerous tumour
    • Substantial damages for Plaintiff who suffered leg amputation due to negligent care

    If you wish to contact Tiernan & Company Solicitors please contact Mark Tiernan on (01) 6622822

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