Melanoma or Skin Cancer Claims

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A claim for compensation can be sought if you or someone in your family has been affected by a late or misdiagnosed case of melanoma.

Most skin cancers are treatable if detected early. Undiagnosed cancers, such as malignant melanoma, can spread rapidly to other parts of the body. Early signs of skin cancer should be detectable by physicians and other medical practitioners, particularly for the more severe types of the disease. A mole or lump is one of these signs:

  • There is bleeding or there is pain.
  • Color alternation
  • Asymmetrical in form
  • Size increase
  • Itching

Poor medical advice may have caused your skin cancer to develop or spread. You may be entitled to financial compensation if you received substandard treatment (e.g. a surgical procedure that didn’t completely eliminate a lump). Our cancer misdiagnosis solicitors have a wide range of experience with medical negligence claims. We think it’s vital to help you get answers and compensation from those responsible. We’ll work hard to get you interim payments so you can get specialist treatment before your claim is complete.

A new or changed mole that bleeds or itches is a common symptom of malignant melanoma. Skin cancer has four clinical descriptions: superficial spreading, nodular, lentigo maligna, as well as acral lentiginous. Patients should be referred to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon by GPs.

The primary lesion should be removed by the specialist. Following a histological diagnosis and a CT scan, the tumor’s stage will be confirmed.

Misdiagnosis of melanoma

Melanoma that has spread locally can be effectively removed with a large surgical incision. Patients with metastatic melanoma, on the other hand, have a bleak outlook. Single metastasis sites can be treated with surgery and radiotherapy. Chemotherapy is used to treat those who have multiple metastases in their bodies. In most cases, patients have multiple sites of disease, with a median survival of four months.  It is therefore vital to diagnose melanoma early, as misdiagnosis can have serious consequences. Skin cancer misdiagnosis claims  can be brought for the following reasons:

  • An inadequate examination was carried out
  • Failure to warn that a suspicious change or growth of a lump or mole means the patient should return for examination
  • Referrals to dermatologists and plastic surgeons are not made when necessary
  • Biopsy mistakes made by pathologists

When does skin cancer lead to a medical negligence claim?

Skin cancer can be cured if it is detected and treated quickly. When cancer treatment is delayed, it can grow and spread, posing a serious threat to the patient’s life. You may be eligible for compensation for skin cancer if there have been unnecessary delays that have caused your skin cancer to worsen.

Skin Cancer diagnosis

A skin examination is usually the first step in diagnosing melanoma. It’s possible that the specialist will order a biopsy to determine the mole’s malignancy. The extent of the cancer’s spread may be determined if a melanoma diagnosis is made.

Please contact one of our skin cancer solicitors if you believe that the delay in diagnosis has made your melanoma cancer worse.

Skin cancer diagnosis delays can be caused by several factors

Small delays in identifying melanoma aren’t likely to impact your condition in a significant way. Skin cancer, on the other hand, is more likely to grow and spread to other parts of the body if there is a significant delay. Mistakes like the following can cause significant delays:

  • Not recognising symptoms
  • Insufficient testing
  • Incorrect interpretation of results

For more information about your legal rights if you have been injured by the negligence of medical professionals, please contact us today.

Why should you work with Tiernan Medical Negligence Solicitors?

  • As a result of cancer medical malpractice, Tiernan Solicitors has successfully managed a large number of injury and disease claims.  After speaking with a solicitor, we will listen to your case attentively, empathically, and only propose moving forward if we believe there is merit to your claim.
  • In addition, our medical negligence solicitors will compile all of the required facts for your case including medical records and oversee the submission of the claim on your behalf.
  • Your recuperation and care, or the care of a family member or loved one, can be focused on when you entrust us to manage your claim on your behalf.

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